A great read regarding another successful Christmas Kaos Tourney at the KPTC.

@listentobaab (my hubby) Celebrating $5700 raised by Kingsway Platform Tennis Club #kaos2017 @kristmaskaos2017 tournament to @abusehurts . 5 Years ago I was introduced to #AbuseHurts Charity thanks to Jennifer Beale + Brenda Darby who told me about Jane's story of Martin's Suicide. Helena Kameka, Ellen Campbell, and Teresa Kruze welcomed me to their community and I have looked at ways to get involved with this charity ever since. My love of this charity is contagious – for the last two years, the crazy men of #xmaskaos have been donating to the #Abusehurts charity. This year through the support of many amazing donations these men raised $5700. Pictured here is Rob Mitchell who made it to Q107 Toronto breakfast this morning to honour Ellen Campbell and her #abusehurts team. Thank you to their sponsors @brewdogofficial @Salesforce (Andrew Daw), Dominion Lending Centres (@fern_in_to ), Ryan Sharp, @Inkblottherapy (Julie Sabine), @brewdogofficial , @spiritofyork @kingswayfishandchips , @shakeystoronto , @rejsharp for all your hard work organizing (marriage saved) , Andrew Anderson (for your hilarious social media coverage) @rory_cheyne1 for the wicked #britishinvasion props + sets and all the players of the silliest and worst timed tournament ever – hence the name: Xmas Kaos Tournament). at Kingsway Platform Tennis Club PS – great job @derringerq107 for your bravery to get involved! Fabulous hosting always. . . . . . . . #charity #give #xmas #socialforgood #volunteerism #the6ix #13daysofchristmas

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