Feb. 11, 2017 Beat the Winter Blues Mixed

Greetings Paddlers!

Did you know that there is scientific evidence proving that spending a Saturday playing Paddle with fellow KPTC club members and new friends can reduce Winter blues by 28%?

Okay, that may be an “alternative fact”, but there is no doubt that playing in this mixed tournament will be tons of fun, and give you a chance to play with and against fellow members that you don’t normally meet. It is also an opportunity to bring along a friend or “significant other” who may be interested in joining, and have them give the sport a try in a fun, relaxed way.

DATE: Saturday, February 11

TIME: 9:00 – 5:00 (TBC) ?

COST: $30 per paddle (paid at the door that day)
This will get you a minimum of three sets/matches, a breakfast, hot lunch, as well as snacks and beverages available throughout the day.

You register as a single and will be paired with someone for the day. If you are bringing a guest, you can request to be paired with them.
All levels are welcome and encouraged to sign up. It’s a great way for new players to get on-court experience and meet fellow club members.
There is a sign-up sheet posted at the club, so be sure to get your name on it soon. The deadline for registration is February 7th.

If you have any questions, please contact either Helen Pocarovsky (hpocarovsky@gmail.com) or Arline Cook (arline_cook@rogers.com).

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  1. Brad Mcilroy says:

    Winter Blues Wrap Up!
    Even with 3-4 inches of snow covering the courts early Saturday morning, organizers and participants of the Beat the Winter Blues Mixed Tournament were undaunted. The courts were cleared, heaters activated, and play began on time at 9:00. We had 40 players of varied skill levels, including a few guests that had never played before. All seemed to be having a lot of fun, and there were some excellent games of Paddle played.

    Congratulations to the winners of the A Playoff, Brad McIlroy and Louise Evans, and to the winners of the B Playoff, Amelia Dennis and JoAnne Raditz. Well done!

    Many thanks go to Helen Pocarovsky, who stepped up to lead the organization of the tournament. We’re also grateful to Stef Pilacinski for doing the draws and keeping the games well organized all day. Thanks to Terry, Michael, Rodger, and the others who got there early to clear the courts, and ensure they were ready for the players. And thanks to Melissa Ogilvie, Julie Gibson, and everyone else that helped out with organizing, buying the food and beverages, setting up, keeping us all well fed and hydrated, and cleaning up at the end of the day. It was a great team effort.

    See you next year!

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