Trial Membership

The best way to discover Paddle is simply to try it out!

The Club offers a FREE Trial Membership for 2 months which will allow you to take part in one of our house leagues – we will even provide you with a loaner racquet!

Paddle is primarily a winter sport and our House Leagues run from early September through to the end of April.  During this period there are 4 House League Sessions each of which runs for 2 months – September & October, November & December, January & February, March & April.  All you have to do is sign up for a trial membership (see below) before a Session starts and you will be included in a house league that suits your schedule and skill level.

Women’s leagues run on Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning and Thursday evening.  Men’s leagues run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

If you enjoy the sport so much you want to continue playing then at that time you join the club as a full member – beware, our conversion rate from “Trialist” to full member is very high so don’t be surprised if you end up becoming a full time Paddler!!

The Club’s “Paddle Year” runs from September 1 to 31 August but Trial members who join the Club part way through the “Paddle Year” will have their annual dues prorated for the balance of the year.  See Joining the Club for Membership and Initiation Fees.

If you would like to try a FREE Trial Membership just sign up by completing the form and a member of the Club will contact you.

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